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How to Eat Healthy

Imagine a new way of eating to support our health. I like to use the phrase health supporting instead of healthy because we don't actually have control over our health like we have been led to believe. And it is no one's fault for having health issues. And there is no one way to define health, we get to define how that looks for ourselves.

But we have been mislead on what healthy eating means. Ask 5 doctors on what it means to "eat healthy" and you will get 5 conflicting answers.

We are told that healthy eating is all about cutting things out, low calories, finding ways to eat less and not feel hungry anymore, and that the way our body looks is a sign of our health status and of how "Healthy" we eat.

Our weight shape or size does not indicate our health or worth. Period. I know this may sound wild but it's true, and that this statement sounds so wild to us is a sign of how much we have been mislead on eating in a way that cares for our bodies and wellbeing.

Firstly, there is no perfect way of eating, no one way of eating that everyone should follow.

Caring for ourselves is not about eating less, cutting things out, portion control, reducing, or restricting.

Eating in a way that is health supporting goes like this:

  • We need to eat and eat regularly

  • We need food every day

  • We need a good amount of food each day

  • Even if we are just laying in bed all day and all night we still need meals regularly throughout the time we are awake

  • Food is the only way we get energy, actual energy

  • Carbohydrates are our bodies most efficient and essential form of energy

  • Our body uses a lot of energy all the time even without physical activity

  • When we move more we need to eat more, if we move without having enough nutrients and energy we don't benefit from that movement, we break down from it

  • Eating regularly is how we nourish our body

  • It's about getting more variety, as best we can

  • The variety we have will depend on our preferences, ability, and access

  • It's about adding not taking away

  • It's about flexibility not micromanaging

  • Eating to the point of satisfaction, if you can, not just to the point of fullness

  • Pleasure, indulgence, and comfort with food are a must

  • When we actually allow for the pleasure and comfort of food, we nourish ourselves, and we actually feel satisfied

  • Freedom to eat any food and any amount without judgement or shame is essential to our health

  • All foods are neutral, there is no good or bad food or good or bad way of eating

  • Eat what it is available to you and it will be healthy

  • Be aware of not eating enough, not worried about eating "too much"

  • Play with your food

  • Eat on the schedule and in the way that works for you, not someone else

Are you catching my drift? The foods we are eating or not eating is not the cause of our health issues. I'll speak more about this in other blogs.

Food is care. Food is nourishment. Food is comfort. Food is love. Food is energy. Food is healing.

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