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Intuitive - Client Focused - Nutrition Counseling

Hi! I'm Tholia (she/her/ella), a queer, neurodivergent, mixed-chicana (not yet Spanish speaking), Registered Dietitian based in Redlands, California; Stolen land of the Serrano, Gabrielano, and Cahuilla Nations.


I specialize in guiding people to have a healthier relationship with food, body, and exercise. I also strive to support social justice, equity, and systemic change.

I am an experienced registered dietitian with mental health and trauma related nutrition issues, including but not limited to eating "disorders" and feeding "disorders".


Mental health and trauma can affect our relationship with food and our bodies, let's work together to get back to a place of peace with food, our body, and exercise.


I work with children, adolescents and adults of any gender. This is a brave, learning space for people of all sizes, backgrounds, genders, and differences.

If you have ever felt guilt and shame around food, your body, exercise, you are not alone. Eating and moving in a way that supports the wellbeing of your mind and body should never come with guilt and shame. Learn how to fight systems of oppression by embracing your pleasure, rest, and power. 

I know how scary it can be to talk about food and body stuff. You are welcome here. Each session is client led, meaning I will strive to support you with your goals in the ways that I can, and I support your full body autonomy. 



Currently only offering online nutrition counseling, Telehealth visits.

  • 60 minute visit

  • Nutrition counseling for children, adolescents, and adults

  • Individualized nutrition therapy

Online nutrition counseling and education for you and any of your family/support group you would like. These groups are designed to offer nutrition education and how support people can support you more with your nutrition goals.

  •  Group prices vary

  • Nutrition classes for your family, friends, your practice, your clients, anyone really! 

  • Examples of nutrition topics for group classes: Intuitive eating, Nutrition for eating disorder recovery, Nutrition for all bodies, ADHD and Neurodivergent nutrition education, Picky eaters, Nutrition and exercise, etc. 

  • Offering in-person classes in southern California 

  • Also offering online classes anywhere in California

  • Prices vary, contact me directly to set up classes.



Accepting clients from anywhere in California for online video sessions


Pay what works for you pricing offered for: 

  • any one with low income, fat/larger bodied individual, BIPOC, Trans/2S/NB+

    • Pay what works for you pricing = anywhere from $25 <--to --> $200 per 60 minute individual sessions

Free sessions offered for: Undocumented immigrant/refugee/asylum seeker individuals, and unhoused individuals.

 - If you do not identify with any of the oppressed groups above you will be charged regular pricing of $200 for each 60 minute visit for individual sessions

 - Group sessions very in price


*Currently not accepting any insurance.  



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